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Data integration made easier with IBM Planning Analytics

Blog post   •   Jul 01, 2019 08:52 BST

Extracting data from multiple data sources to speed up and simplify your planning

Performance gains through data integration

Integrating financial data from disparate sources can be a critical factor in a company's ability to successfully manage its business. Yet many organisations find that extracting almost any data from these sources can be slow and cumbersome. Users need to be able to extract data quickly, in a repeatable process, that eliminates the need to start over again in the next planning or reporting cycle. Tahola work with IBM and are able to provide you with IBM Planning Analytics. In both it's on-cloud and on-premise versions it eliminates the need for manual data extraction processes with a high-performance, easy-to-use alternative.

Connecting the "data Islands"

Proprietary applications for performance management (PM) and business intelligence (BI) have transitioned from being data end-points to key sources of information. The need to extract that information from these varied systems for loading into centralised repositories has grown to be a business imperative.

The various sources can become "data islands", with users forced to constantly compare spreadsheets to confirm that the information is correct. Customer interfaces are too unstable to reliably extract data and meta data for reporting purposes. IT requires the rigidity of a relational system while finance users need their cubes. To address these diverse requirements, a high performance solution, which also offers ease of use, is needed to share financial data and extend rather than replace existing software investments.

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IBM Planning Analytics provides the speed, agility and foresight you need to compete successfully. Finance and business users alike can synthesize information, uncover trends and deliver insights to improve decision making throughout the enterprise

Key Benefits

Provides high-performance data extraction

Users can choose full or partial data extractions; select entire dimensions or virtually any member intersection to create customers data subsets for export. Data extraction can be reduced from days or hours to only minutes, using the Intelligent Extraction feature, and a continuous planning cycle with rapid data updates can be effectively implemented.

Bridges the needs of IT and Finance

With an interface designed for business users, IBM Planning Analytics provides a common ground for meeting the diverse needs of IT and Finance. IT can enjoy access to data in open and standard format, while finance users can continue to leverage the cube technology that suits their business requirements.

Balances hierarchies for planning and reporting

With it's patented ability to balance "ragged" hierarchies for data and metadata from Oracle Hyperion Sources, The Cognos Integration Server component of IBM Planning Analytics ensures that important hierarchies and drill paths that reflect the business are preserved in the target RDBMS applications and text file targets.

Provides 24/7 avaliability

Data extractions can be performed on a continuous basis to update external reporting applications and for back up purposes, all while remaining online for finance users.

Supports single-source reporting strategies

For organisations with a single-source reporting strategy, IBM Planning Analytics extracts and unifies value-added information locked in proprietary applications like Oracle Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and SAPBW. These "data generating" applications are often gateways for user input. They can model complex business functions, generating valuable content for use downstream in a central reporting system.

Delivers Rapid ROI

Unifying information across the organisation's portfolio of financial analysis applications can lower total life cycle costs and improve the return on investment (ROI) of your existing software. When used in conjunction with Cognos Command Centre, data extractions can be automated and chained together oath other application processes. You gain a clear overview of who ran what, when, where and how - improving financial control and reducing ongoing maintenance.

Want to find out more, watch the IBM Planning Analytics Demo below.......

Data: It's only valuable when you can use it

No matter how valuable your data may be in theory, it only delivers its full business benefits when it can be accessed quickly and easily. And since virtually all large organisations store data in a variety of systems and formats, IBM Planning Analytics streamlines access to your data, whether it's in Oracle, SAP, IBM TM1, or a variety of other sources, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data extraction. With IBM Planning Analytics, your finance team can spend less time collecting data and more time analysing it, delivering real value to your organisation.

As a leading IBM partner, Tahola can help you with a range of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM Planning Analytics solutions. The partnership enables us to offer customers unmatched technology and expertise which will of course, be bespoke to your requirements.

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