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5 reasons to save in Tally

Blog post   •   Jul 25, 2019 13:43 BST

Why save in pounds which when you can save in gold?

The problem with banks (and challenger banks for that matter) is that they use government controlled currency, or ‘fiat currency’. One of the issues with fiat currency is that it loses its value through inflation, and heavily impacted by political and global economic factors. Tally has been designed to give consumers a better choice of money. Here are 4 reasons to keep your savings in Tally.

1. It’s physical gold you own

Have you ever thought what money is? It’s essentially an IOU from the bank, hence the ‘I promise to pay the bearer’ printed on notes. It’s ‘faith based’ currency, with your trust put into the hands of bankers. Tally is physical gold - an asset whose value has been trusted for thousands of years. When you make a deposit it’s converted into gold, owned by you and held in a secure vault in Switzerland.

2. Your savings don’t lose value through inflation

What £10 buys you today is a lot less than it was 10, or 20 years ago. That’s because the prices of goods increase. This ‘inflation’ means your savings lose their purchasing power over time. As Tally is physical gold, your savings don’t lose value from inflation like savings in the bank, and is proven to hold its value over time. In the last five years the value of gold has increased by 50%.

3. Your money is safe if the worst happens

When you make a deposit, you take 100% ownership of Tally gold. It’s your asset, not Tally’s, kept separate from the banking infrastructure. That means it’s immune to bank collapse, and better insulated against financial crisis. And should the worse happen, your Tally holding is 100% insured - not limited to 85K.

4. We don’t control or lend out your money

When you put money into your account, banks legally own your savings. It means they can lend and invest off the back of it without your consent under ‘fractional-reserve banking’. If everyone went to take out their money at the same time there wouldn’t be enough cash to go around (it’s why banks collapse). Tally operates ‘full-reserve’ banking, which means you 100% control your Tally, and doesn’t move from the vault unless you say so.

5. Use it abroad fee-free

You don’t use your bank’s debit card abroad because you know you’ll be charged every time you pay or withdraw money at an ATM. With Tally, there are no transaction, FX fees, or mark-up on exchange rates. And using ATMs are free! Using a Tally debit card is the same abroad is it is at home. 

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