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"Swedes are strange - and so am I" - seminar with Colin Moon


Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes, 108 Baker Street, W1U 6LJ
A light-hearted insight into Swedes in business. Swedish business people have a tendency to think they are quite normal, quite sensible and quite logical. However, they are often quite unaware that the rest often find them amusing, entertaining and, at times, simply quite odd. Welcome to this special event at which Colin Moon, International and Cross-Cultural Communication Guru serves up an entertaining smorgasbord of spot-on, gentle and humorous examples of how Swedes are perceived in the international workplace. This event is the first in a series of "Get to know your country" aimed at business professionals doing business with Sweden and the United Kingdom. Drinks and canapés will be served. Price: There is no charge for this event but sign up is necessary. Please sign up on

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