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Let your body do the talking

Press Release   •   Jul 15, 2013 14:47 BST

Eye tracking is just another new addition recently made by Tpoll to its qualitative research expertise. Traditional website scanning and thinking aloud assessment methods, rely on the skill of the moderator and uncontrollably, the users feedback may often be a top-of-mind replies and any hesitation, can affect recall accuracy

New technology, similar to that designed for the gaming industry, records users eye movements via a lap-top camera-bar clipped onto the top of the screen. It is relatively small device and after some, time, the user forgets it’s there. This lets the body talk for itself and makes for more natural web browsing observing experience. The software tracks and illustrates the eye viewing points to provide maps and analysis with total accuracy - ideal for website optimisation.

Tpoll has recently used this technology on some fmcg and media clients across different countries in Europe to tremendous success. The skill still lays with the moderator who can interpret gaps identified from the analysis and can develop: e-commerce opportunities previously missed within the websites architecture, highlight dead-spots and make recommendations for new features and their location

Tpoll is a research company that specialises in online communities and continues to invest in the latest techniques, technologies and staff

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