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Men are not just found in the kitchen at parties

Press Release   •   Jun 28, 2013 15:24 BST

Tpoll, the online community specialist, runs its own national food & beverage panel and has been researching whether the old stereotype of kitchens being thought of as a woman’s domain still rings true in 2013.

Initial feedback shows that the men are now gaining on women as the ‘perceived’ best cook in the kitchen with over 30% stating men to 40% women. In households where there was no clear winner, it was discovered that the men and women excelled at their own “signature dishes” (meat and curry-based dishes for men, desserts, baking and pastas for women). Men also appear to enjoy cooking more than women on average too.

Both sexes also agreed that the kitchen is very much “their” territory while they’re cooking. Having their partner offer unwanted interference or criticism was cited as the greatest source of rising temperatures in the kitchen!

Findings certainly suggest that men are much more likely to trial new ideas and experiment with new dishes and ingredients, making them a target group for FMCG vendors to influence when changing habits and brand allegiance.

Ultimately however, women still hold the overall title of being the best cooks… For now!

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