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BT Insist 2015 is Still Target for USC.

News   •   Feb 20, 2013 15:40 GMT

Members of the House of Commons in the UK are never happier than when they are quibbling over details, throwing petty recriminations at each other or able to make claims that are impossible to confirm.

The EU Budget cuts to Technology and the potential for this impact on the UK Universal Service Commitment (USC) have afforded the House of Commons plenty of opportunity to indulge in all of their favourite past times, with Labours Helen Goodman insisting that their commitment to the USC being completed to 2012 was genuine and that the new changes to the EU budget mean the project won't be completed until 2017, rather than the revised target of 2015 brought in by the current incumbents of Downing Street.

Of course the Conservatives and Lib-Dems both insist that the 2012 completion date promised by Labour was unrealistic even with the 50p tax on telephone line rental that they intended to use to fund for it.

While this lively and uninformed debate was raging an unperturbed BT released a statement insisting that the target of 2015 hadn't changed and that the EU budget cuts wouldn't affect the UK as the rollout, infrastructure and business partnerships were already in place.

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