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Island Hop this summer with The Little Ferry

News   •   Feb 25, 2019 16:59 GMT

The Little Ferry Company's boat Spike Islander will once again become a familiar sight in Braye Harbour, Alderney.

The Little Ferry Company gets a vote of confidence from the States of Alderney and will receive a subsidy to run the ferry service again this summer between Alderney and Guernsey. 

This years’ service is likely to operate from the last week in May until the end of September and the Spike Islander will once again become a familiar sight in Braye Harbour. Customer satisfaction with the service in 2018 was high and customer surveys suggest that at least 58% of travellers would not have made the journey if the ferry had not run. Over a quarter of the people who travelled to Alderney were first-time visitors to Alderney and many visitors from Guernsey made the trip for the first time in many years.

The service last year provided positive impact on Alderney’s economy which demonstrated that, with an average spend of £42 per visitor per day, the impact on Alderney’s economy outweighed the cost of the States subsidy. Much has been learned from the first year of operation and a second year will help to understand the additional benefits that a regular ferry service can bring.

The States also noted that the Little Ferry Company is exploring options to improve the service in the longer term and will continue to work with the operator to meet a growing demand. The States subsidy covers a double rotation of the ferry service for each day of operation – an early morning departure at 07.30 from Alderney each morning and an evening service back from Guernsey at 18.00. Last year the Little Ferry Company also put on additional rotations in the middle of the day at peak times.

Alderney States Member, James Dent, said “We were unanimous in our support for the Little Ferry. Last year was an experiment and this year will push that experiment further. We have clear evidence that there is a positive economic benefit for Alderney but we also recognise that there are other benefits in improved connectivity that help to bring Guernsey and Alderney people closer together.”

Bookings will soon be open, keep an eye on

The Little Ferry Company

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