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Press Release   •   Dec 20, 2013 12:59 GMT

Zero Alpha Mobile is a company started by 2 former soldiers who are bringing a fresh look at ways to support UK Military Charities. is an on-line shop for mobile phone contracts and upgrades over most major networks with 25% of the profits made from such deals being donated to supporting UK Military Charities through The Zero Alpha Foundation.

“Our mission is to be a business that leads the way in partnering with and supporting, UK Military Charities by providing financial grants through The Zero Alpha Foundation,” said Michael Waugh, Co-Founder & Operations Director, Zero Alpha Mobile Ltd.

“Our foundation is a registered charity in its own right and is funded primarily through the sale of mobile phone contracts and our grants help enable the support services of existing military charities, who already have the infrastructure in place to provide the support to our veterans and their families.”

Anybody can have a mobile through Zero Alpha; it is not exclusive to serving military or veterans. All you need is a requirement for a mobile phone and a desire to support military charities.

About Zero Alpha Mobile & The Zero Alpha Foundation

Zero Alpha Mobile Ltd is ran by two former Infantry Soldiers who turned their hand to Telecoms and I.T after leaving the services. The UK Armed Forces still play a big part in our lives and we wanted to start a business that gives something back to our forces charities

Our commitment to helping the charities comes to life through our own charitable foundation, The Zero Alpha Foundation which is a GivingWorks Charity, Registration No. 1078770. The Foundation is a “grant giving” organisation that provides grants to support the work of existing and reputable military charities to aid in their provision of support services to our veterans and their families. 

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