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The Integrated Role of SEO

Blog post   •   Sep 23, 2014 14:25 BST

The role of PR and digital agencies is evolving and increasingly SEO is fuelling these changes. This comes as marketing migrates further online with content creation becoming ever more critical to the success of marketing strategies.

According to social media platform Twitter, over 500 million tweets are sent per day - that’s a staggering amount of noise. In order to maximise results from your investment in a PR and social media content strategy, you need a team with a detailed knowledge of SEO and how best to optimise content to deliver ultimate performance. 

PR and social media are seen as a comfortable fit and this is still very true. Content generated through PR activity can be amplified with the effective use of social media channels. Events can be shared live via platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, and video footage from the event can provide the basis for post event discussion and engagement. 

It has long been the goal of PR professionals to gain brand mentions in well respected publications to gain trust in brands from target audiences, and ultimately lead them to becoming customers. Search engine optimisation works on the very same principle; influential webpages mentioning your brand increase your organic search rankings. 

The PRCA digital PR report 2014 reveals that 49% of agencies believe that their biggest training requirements are for SEO. This is because SEO adds a tangible and measurable element to PR and social media activity beyond the standard vanity metrics and AVE. Links can be measured, website traffic can be evaluated and conversions can be tracked to reveal statistics that are valuable to ROI hungry board members. 

Strategies developed on the basis of business objectives can be measured using multiple factors with SEO evaluation tools:

  • Search engine results page (SERPs) rankings
  • Inbound links
  • Site traffic
  • Social mentions
  • Brand mentions
  • Domain authority
  • Sales
Zoodikers has extended its in-house SEO capabilities with the appointment of Digital Marketing Director, Nick Huxsted. Having previously worked at The Guardian Newspaper, Australia's largest advertising agency and specialist SEO agencies in London, Nick will work with our clients to help further integrate their SEO, PPC and social media campaigns.

Achieving results with PR and social media activity requires a collaborative approach to strategy development across teams who understand the relevance and importance of SEO. The Zoodikers team has the knowledge and capability to deliver results and achieve visibility and engagement.

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