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Univox launches intercom module and audio IR for assistive listening systems

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2018 10:16 GMT

Univox IR system for Assistive Listening

Univox, producer of high quality assistive listening systems, releases two new products at ISE 2018. The latest additions to our range are the high powered infrared system IR System and MLS-1 loop amplifier module for integration in intercom systems and other OEM applications. We will also give a sneak peek at the new loop drivers PLS-7 and SLS-7. “We are completing our portfolio with IR to provide full range of assistive listening solutions for our customers.” /Thomas Plahn, Sales Director

High Performing IR System for Assistive Listening - Univox® IR

SystemUnivox IR system is ideal for wireless, interference-free secure assistive listening. With 72 high powered IR diodes, Univox infrared systems offer dependable audio with single, dual or stereo operation for theaters, houses of worship, courtrooms, conferences, class rooms etc.

Super compact hearing loop amplifier module for intercom systems - Univox® MLS-1

Univox MLS-1 is a compact yet powerful hearing loop amplifier module designed for a wide range of OEM applications, where a hearing loop solution is required. MLS-1 can be easily integrated into small area communication systems, such as intercoms, emergency phones, information and help points, kiosks etc.

Developed on the efficient class-D technology platform, Univox MLS-1 is ideal for systems requiring high energy efficiency and low heat generation.

The PLS and SLS series grow with Univox® PLS-7 and Univox® SLS-7

PLS-7 and its phased array sibling SLS-7 complete the current PLS and SLS range. 100Vpp output makes the product ideal for very large areas and long loop cables. The SLS version will drive 2 channels at 10Arms while the PLS version drives a single channel at 20Arms.

PLS/SLS-7 drivers provide excellent dynamic behavior and ensures top loop audio quality while operating at extreme high efficiency. Interferences are reduced to absolute minimum through very effective filter banks.

Meet us at ISE and find out more about our new product launches! 

Univox is a developer and producer of high quality assistive listening products including hearing loops, IR and FM systems. We have been in business since 1965 and have distributors in over 35 countries all over the world. A Swedish based company known for a strong emphasis on research and development, continuing to innovate to deliver more firsts in the industry, constantly improving the performance of our products and service for hard of hearing communities.