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Uppsala Life 2019: Arena for Life Science - Creating conditions for healthy growth

Press release   •   Oct 10, 2019 11:04 UTC

The forum Uppsala Life 2019 – Arena for Life Science with this year’s theme: Creating Conditions for healthy growth is the first time that representatives from the entire Uppsala life science sector – from global businesses and start-ups to universities and government offices –meet to discuss the needs, challenges and opportunities of the local industry.

Uppsala BIO, STUNS hosts Uppsala Life 2019- Arena for Life Science: with this year’s theme Creating Conditions for Healthy growth, a meeting space organized for the first time to gather the Life Science community in the region.

Uppsala Life 2019 (Program in short) takes place on 15 October at the Uppsala Castle, in Uppsala, Sweden, from 13:00 - 20:00, local time. Moderated by Anna Nilsson Vindefjärd, Secretary general of Forska!Sverige, Uppsala Life 2019 will accommodate over 260 delegates and leading experts from the business sector, the research community, and relevant public bodies. 

The event provides a great opportunity to get quick insights into the developments in the field, meet the main local actors, and gain access to valuable regional networks. After the event, the organizers will present the main points to the relevant stakeholders. The goal is to create conditions for a healthy, attractive, and competitive life science region.

“Life science is super inspiring at the moment with the high pace and turnaround of new technologies, digitalization and inter-sectoral convergence. Thus, bringing stakeholders together to be inspired, to learn and to discuss relevant topics for growth and competitiveness is not just a nice to do but a need to do”, says Björn Arvidsson, Managing Director of Uppsala BIO.

Regional strengths provide global competitiveness placing the focus on international, national and regional perspectives leading to a comprehensive overview of the Life Science System.

Jenni Nordborg, National Coordinator and Director of the Office for Life Sciences at the Government Offices of Sweden will showcase the Importance of Life Science and the Life Science Strategy for Sweden. The national and regional perspectives will be tackled by the selection of region’s largest companies as well as representatives of the prosperous growing companies at the Uppsala County. The program continues with targeted Panel Discussions will include relevant stakeholders to discuss the conditions for growth such as competence, infrastructure, funding, and attractiveness and tackle the further needs for concrete actions.

Uppsala  County is a vibrant Life Science area, home to more than 100 companies with over 5000 employees and SEK 28 billion turnovers. The globalization of Uppsala’s businesses is apparent and Life Science remains one of Sweden’s major export industries in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical technology. Together with the universities, hospitals and national authorities, the Life Science system exerts a powerful force in the total Swedish economic development.

More information about Uppsala Life 2019 and full program:

ABOUT STUNS The foundation for collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, business and society. STUNS aims to create, strengthen and develop collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, business and public organizations, to support the development of companies in new areas.

STUNS operations are concentrated in three strategic focus areas: Life science, via STUNS Life Science and Uppsala BIO. Energy, with testbeds and business platforms for the users and technology suppliers at STUNS Energi. Innovation and business through co-location of the innovation system's players and the region's company incubator Uppsala Innovation Center (UIC).

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