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DEWALT® Unveils Its First Lawn Mower

Press Release   •   Aug 18, 2017 09:00 EDT

NASHVILLE, TN (August 18, 2017) – DEWALT unveils the 2x20V MAX* Brushless Mower (DCMW220), marking the continued expansion of its 20V MAX* system of 100+ products. The mower is powered by two DEWALT 20V MAX* 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Batteries (DCB205) that work simultaneously to deliver users the power they need as well as the flexibility to use the batteries with other tools in the DEWALT 20V MAX* system. The 2x20V MAX* Brushless Mower is the first lawn mower from DEWALT and is also compatible with the DEWALT FLEXVOLT® battery system.

With a high-efficiency brushless motor and two high-capacity 20V MAX* 5.0Ah Lithium Ion batteries, the 2x20V MAX* Brushless Mower delivers consistent cutting performance. The mower features a 20” metal deck to cut a large path, a folding handle for upright storage, and carrying handles for easy transportation. The mower also has the ability to either mulch, bag, or discharge grass clippings.

The 2x20V MAX* Brushless Mower features an on-deck LED light board to signal the state-of-charge of the batteries over the course of a job and to indicate when the batteries need to be recharged. Additionally, the 20V MAX* 5.0Ah batteries feature onboard state-of-charge LED lights to gauge battery life. These batteries can be used with any DEWALT 20V MAX* product, including the outdoor lineup comprised of a 20V MAX* String Trimmer, 20V MAX* Hedge Trimmer, 20V MAX* Blower, and 20V MAX* Chainsaw. These tools are available either kitted with battery or bare.

DEWALT continues to develop 20V MAX* tools that that offer cross-system compatibility in construction as well as lawn and garden applications. Available in early 2018, the 2x20V MAX* Brushless Mower will come kitted with two DEWALT 20V MAX* 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Batteries (DCB205) and will be available for $399 MSRP (DCMW220P2). The mower comes with the standard DEWALT 3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service, and 90 day money back guarantee.

*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.



DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of industrial corded and cordless power tools, power tool accessories, and hand tools in categories that include Woodworking, Drilling & Fastening, Concrete & Metal Power Tools, as well as Cutting, Abrasive, and IMPACT READY® Impact Driver Power Tool Accessories. Hand Tool categories include Measuring & Layout, Knives & Blades, Mechanics Tools, and Storage Solutions.

With seven manufacturing locations in the USA, DEWALT remains committed to domestic manufacturing and produced over 90 million individual units of Power Tools, Hand Tools, and Accessories in the United States with global materials in 2016 alone. Visit the website to learn more about DEWALT products Made in the USA with global materials.

DEWALT tools can be found nationally and internationally, wherever tools are sold. With more than 1,000 factory-owned and authorized locations, DEWALT has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in North America. For more information, visit or follow DEWALT on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Comments (8)

    Great news
    When will it be available in the united kingdom

    - Dave sharpe - Aug 18, 2017 13:04 EDT

    I understand this is under the 20V line, but it would seem that Dewalt is clearing out their 40V line of outdoor tools and pushing the 60V line.

    Why start of with a 20V/40V mower? particularly when top competitors are at 56V or higher?

    - Jeff McFadden - Aug 22, 2017 17:27 EDT

    Was expecting a new mower using the new(ish) Flexvolt battery. Since there is a 9Ah Flexvolt, would have thought that would have been an obvious way to go, rather than 2 18V in series. Would also give the option of 2 in parallel for increased run time.
    Presumably it will be possible to use Flexvolt batteries - or are they too big to fit under the cowling (assuming that's where they go).
    Or, maybe they're going to release a more gutsy 60V max in the future.

    - Loz - Aug 26, 2017 10:48 EDT

    The 20v line is the broadest and most established of the Dewalt platforms. Since this mower is clearly marketed to the residential homeowner, it makes sense to have the first generation mower in 20v.
    What would be really cool would be a dual 60v Flexvolt model that with a flip of a switch, could run at 20v for extended runtime performance.
    I am very excited to own his mower and see how it compares to my B+D 60v mower, I suspect they use very similar technologies, since they are under that same Corp. umbrella.

    DEWALY R&D please develop a Flexvolt vehicle jack, 30" high flow, shop fan, paint sprayer and a Flexvolt pressure washer. These are tools that homeowners, like myself would love to see.

    - Ron Furro - Aug 31, 2017 05:46 EDT

    it's about time! I have been waiting for this for years. I have the trimmer and blower in 40v and I agree with the other readers that dewalt should make this for 40v and flexvolt. I will definitely buy one with these batteries. Also a cordless heat gun, belt sander, orbital sander and router in flexvolt would be nice.

    - Richard Gonzales - Oct 01, 2017 12:32 EDT

    Does it mow grass? Like the grass growing four weeks in spring? Does it mow a 60 feet square back yard, or an acre, or three? What equivalent gas mower would it compare too?
    Oregon power tools is now coming out with a 120v battery pack, for the real professional user. The range of voltage should not be left to the customer to figure out what will work for them. DeWalt needs to identify what product line will do what type of regular useful work.
    Frankly a push mower, reel type, will do a fabulous job on a 60 foot square grass lawn, weigh much less, cost one fourth, and less maintenance. Every product has a window of suitablity and we the customer need help with voltage in determining that.

    - LarryS - Nov 08, 2017 08:56 EST

    Where is the 60v lawn mower and hedge trimmer???

    - Alex - Dec 03, 2017 02:27 EST

    Great! Can't wait! I see the 20v and 40v coming soon now on the website, but not a 60v. I bet the end of the month or so, or in spring possibly. Said to do 1/4 acre good for a average house that would be about like gas mover with a 0.2-0.25 gal tank. I have the 20v leaf blower and string trimmer and love them. Those saying where the 60v are, needs to know that the 60v have low Amp Hours (AH), and that 2 of those would only equal to one 4ah 20v battery or one 6ah 20v battery (In terms of run time). Maybe wait until they get a higher AH battery for there 60v line up (They say 9ah but that's on 20v, its 3ah on 60v) and then you might see it. The price is pretty good for the DeWalt brand, plus you get TWO 5ah batteries + charger. I would like to see a stand alone 20v mover however, as they have the stand alone 40v. People may want it more if they already have a lot of 20v batteries and can get it for about $100 off ;). I'll definitely be buying one whenever it comes out.

    - FensterWJ - Jan 02, 2018 07:04 EST

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