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Olink AB and Bethyl sign distribution agreement for the US market

Press Release   •   Nov 21, 2011 09:00 EST

Olink Bioscience, a Sweden based biotechnology company focused on innovative protein detection technologies, has entered into a distribution agreement with Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. Together with Bethyl Olink Bioscience will continue to expand the distribution of the Duolink® product line in the US market.

“We are excited to enter into an agreement with Bethyl to distribute our Duolink product line in the USA. With an excellent reputation as a provider of first class products we believe Bethyl will help us expand the market for our products in the region”, comments Simon Fredriksson, President and CEO, Olink AB.

“Bethyl is an established provider of premium quality antibody products and services for clinical and research applications and through the distribution agreement with Olink we now have the opportunity to offer a complete solution of antibodies together with a highly specific protein detection technology” says John Carwile, CEO, Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.

About Bethyl
Since 1972, Bethyl has provided quality antibody products and services for both clinical and research applications. We remain committed to manufacturing new and novel antibodies to facilitate and accelerate your discovery based research in cell biology. To ensure the quality of our antibodies, all antibodies are produced and affinity purified by antigen specific affinity chromatography at our sole facility in Montgomery, TX. Through our collaborations and scholarly searches we continue to identify new and emerging proteins of interests. We are aggressively producing antibodies to these new proteins as well as those classic proteins for which there is a dearth of quality antibodies. We test our antibodies in a wide range of applications including ELISA, western blot, immunoprecipitation, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and proximity ligation assay. Bethyl Laboratories is a Registered Research Facility with the USDA under the Animal Welfare Act and complies daily with all requirements of the Act. Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. operates under Good Manufacturing Practices.

About Olink AB
Olink Bioscience, a company founded by scientists at Uppsala University, is commercializing cutting-edge technologies for analysis of proteins and nucleic acids revealing new insights into basic science, drug development, and diagnostics.  The products are available worldwide through a network of distributors and through Olink's web shop. The Duolink® product line enables users to visualize and quantify individual proteins, their interactions and modifications, in unmodified cells and tissues. Proseek® is an open assay development reagent kit for analyzing proteins in only 1 µl of serum or plasma sample with high sensitivity.
Olink Bioscience molecular technologies are also commercialized through partnerships with industry leading organizations such as Affymetrix, Life Technologies, and through Olink spin-out companies Halo Genomics and Qlinea. Olink Bioscience was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden.

For more information, please contact:
Simon Fredriksson, President and CEO, Olink AB
Phone: +46 18 444 3970
Mobile: +46 76 1169442

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