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Let’s Work On Our Core

Blog post   •   Mar 02, 2018 12:49 EST

Your core equipment can have a big impact on staff and especially patient care.

If you ask people what their “core equipment” is they might think of fitness – toned abs perhaps. If you ask a group of dentists, many will think of dental equipment.

So, think about a typical day in a practice. Now, think about how much time a dentist or a staff member spends with a dental chair - two, four or more hours? That’s a big part of a day. What if core dental equipment like dental units, consoles and chairs could work more efficiently, faster, easier and be more ergonomic? But, you’re thinking “what could dental consoles and chairs do better"? It’s likely most doctors and staff view dental consoles and dental units as just cabinets, and chairs/stools. What if these boxes and seats were engineered to serve a better integrated, improved workflow purpose? What if they were designed to go beyond providing a stool for a clinician to sit "on" a chair for a patient to sit "in" or go beyond simply storing/organizing dental items?What if some of this core equipment could actually “link” with other equipment?

As an innovation leader within the dental industry, Planmeca looked at ways to improve dental cabinetry and dental units by streamlining technology integration, improving comfort and building in new “future ready” design elements. These improvements and “future ready” enhancements are evident in the Planmeca Evolution™ Dental Consoles and dental units: Planmeca Sovereign Classic®, Planmeca Compact™ i Touch V2 and Planmeca Lumo™, Planmeca Olo™ and Anatomat™ Plus advanced ergonomic stools.

Future-ready enhancements

Working smarter is an important achievement for all clinicians. The digital age has embraced dentistry and open architecture connectivity (including the pillar of Planmeca Romexis® software), is what advanced dentistry requires. Useful cabinetry features like Ethernet and 3.0 USB connections, PlanScan® digital CAD/CAM scanner integration (12 O’Clock console), CPU storage, LED lighting and medical grade duplex GFCI outlets are just some of the improvements that the industry relies on.

If a dental console can’t “link” with the digital equipment in a practice, then the practice is not operating at full efficiency. Modern dental consoles are designed to embrace open-architecture digital technology by providing a platform to integrate dental units, CAD/CAM systems, intraoral sensors, monitors, CPUs and other devices. The latest, most advanced dental consoles can aid clinician efficiency through connectivity, advanced designs, improved organization, lighting, hands-free controls including plug and play capability.

Comfort and safety are important

The Planmeca Sovereign® Classic and Planmeca Compact™ i Touch V2 revolutionize the operatory space. Award-winning design and unmatched versatility allow a quick conversion of an operatory to make it a treatment-specific area. Maximize productivity, comfort, and efficiency by integrating units through exclusive Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management Software. Providing a safe environment for patients with comprehensive, infection control, and advanced water-treatment solutions should be a priority and not an afterthought. Patients are seeking these kinds of assurances.

Re-engineering dental stools and dental units to be more ergonomic and adding improvements like gas-spring suspensions, plush support, and comfort can help clinicians to feel less stressed, less tired and improve workflow for better patient treatment.

Flexibility is important

Product advancements, efficiency, flexibility, comfort and durability all contribute to the optimization of your practice’s workflow. In addition to technical advancements and efficient designs, dental consoles are now more reconfigurable. Their flexibility extends to interior spaces with storage organizers, adjustable shelving, partitions, and ability to integrate new technology advancements as they develop, or as a practice expands. Durability is achieved through quality materials and construction, powder-coated steel sub-bases, metal infrastructures, premium features like Corian® counters/work surfaces and resilient, laminated exteriors.

With all the tech and design improvements developed in recent years, we’re essentially witnessing the creation of whole new categories for the industry – smart dental consoles and smart dental units.

New “smart” core equipment and imaging systems are the cornerstones of a modern dental practice – is your practice built for the future? 

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