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Odd Molly release the collection 'Real is Amazing' inspired by Saie Saie

News   •   Feb 21, 2017 10:17 EST

This season's Tribute collection is inspired by singer/songwriter Alex Saidac, known as Saie Saie. An international artist who independently takes on the world to achieve what she wants and has come to serve as a great source of inspiration for our Tribute collection. The design is carrying a promise of confidence and a girl symbolic of a culture that is attentive and evolving - a girl truly wild at heart, just like Saie Saie.

Her new single ‘Bones’ is a single-minded statement, inspired by her passion to save the American wild horses: which she will physically bring to life in 2017 as she embarks her ‘Wild One’ live music tour along the Californian coast on horseback. In order to fulfill this dream of hers she recently released a stunning music video in order to launch her Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her ‘Wild One’ tour.

This powerful video saw daylight with the support from Odd Molly, as we continuously want to highlight and encourage young and inspiring girls who dares to go their own way. You can also support Saie Saie by contributing to her Kickstarter campaign, click on the link below!

You can find the collection here: