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Shazam and Team Up to Provide People Instant Access to Their Credit Scores

Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2011 07:11 EST

New York, NY – November 17, 2011 - Shazam®, the world’s leading mobile discovery company, today announced that it has teamed up with, part of the Experian® family of brands, to make television ads Shazamable.  This campaign allows viewers who tag songs from commercials to instantly track their credit score.

Running through the end of 2011, people can download the App after being prompted to “Shazam for More.” Once viewers have used Shazam to tag the commercial, they will be prompted to a convenient link where they can download the App.  They will also have access to exclusive ringtones and wallpaper of The Band. After downloading the App and registering, people can easily track their credit score, wherever they are.

“ is a well-known and trusted brand for financial information and we are proud they are leveraging our Shazam for TV capabilities, which helps empower consumers to become more knowledgeable about their credit score,” said Shazam’s EVP Advertising, Evan Krauss.  “This campaign offers viewers a simple, single-button solution to engage with the ad and get more information about the App.”

Ken Chaplin, senior vice president of marketing for Experian Consumer Direct, which manages, said, “This campaign offers our members a fun and engaging way to connect with the brand and our new mobile app.  It also provides a frictionless way for potential members to quickly gain access to their scores and reports.”

With the launch of the new ad campaign, Shazam also announces that will join Capital One Financial Corporation (NYSE:  COF) as one of the companies sponsoring unlimited tagging for people using iOS and Android devices through the end of the year.

With more than 150 million people using the service, Shazam is quickly becoming an integral part of the marketing mix for brands around the globe. Companies like American Express, Honda, and Paramount Pictures have teamed up with Shazam to give consumers a fun and engaging way to interact with their commercials. When people Shazam an ad, they have access to additional information, special offers and even exclusive downloads.

According to a survey commissioned by Nielsen and Yahoo!, 86 percent of smartphone users are engaged with their phones while watching TV.  Early results from other Shazam-enabled campaigns prove that people are using their phones to engage with the ads:

  • Shazamable ads drive traffic! In one ad campaign, Shazam drove 20 percent more traffic to the mobile microsite than the brand’s website received from all sources
  • Shazamable ads drive engagement! Once people tag a Shazamable ad, on average, more than 65 percent of them go on to further engage with the brand to shop, download content or get additional information

Additionally, Shazam integrates social media, allowing people to share their tags on Twitter or use the Shazam Friends feature to post their discoveries to their Facebook friends and see a real-time feed of what their friends are watching.

About Shazam

Shazam is one of the most popular apps of all time, used by hundreds of millions of people globally to connect to the world around them. Building on its pioneering leadership in music identification, Shazam now helps people discover, interact with, and share video, audio, or printed content on TV, radio, movie screens, magazines, newspapers, packaged goods, and retail stores -- and now Shazam lets music fans follow their favorite artists to see their Shazams and share in the thrill of discovery. The app has exceeded 20 billion total Shazams since its launch, and users Shazam over 20 million times each day. For more information on how Shazam has created new technology tools for brands to utilize data visit