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Shazam and Samsung partner to drive customers to the operator music store

Press Release   •   Sep 30, 2008 09:27 EDT

London, 30 September 2008 - Shazam, a leading mobile music discovery provider, and Samsung today announced a partnership which sees the Shazam service embedded into Samsung mobiles, including the latest Beat(b) (model: M3510) and the Beat(s) (model: M3200) mobiles. The Shazam application on Samsung's new phones allows users to seamlessly discover music simply by holding their mobiles to the tune for just a few seconds and then go on to buy identified tracks through operators' dedicated music stores.

Shazam fully integrates with operators' music stores to allow users to download tracks directly to their handsets. T-Mobile is the first operator to offer this service from its own music store integrated onto Samsung's new music phones.

Luke Magnuson, International Music Category Manager, T-Mobile International comments: "Discovering new artists and tracks greatly enhances our customer's overall music experience and is a key element to T-Mobile's Mobile Jukebox service. By seamlessly integrating Shazam's music discovery service on Samsung devices to our fully-fledged music store, we offer an exciting way for our customers to get music the moment they want it."

Samsung and Shazam are actively working together to integrate Shazam's music application into Samsung's variety of lineups - not only for music specialised mobiles but also those in the style categories.

Younghee Lee, VP Marketing at Samsung explains: "We see features like Shazam's music recognition as very important to enhance the consumer's experience for music on-the-go. Music recognition and purchase will be a core feature of our music phones."

Andrew Fisher, Shazam's CEO adds: "By offering users the ability to immediately purchase music at the point of inspiration, Shazam can turn a specific music moment into a lifelong memory associating a song with the emotions and experiences the individual felt when they first heard it. Shazam is working with its partners to not only simplify purchasing but drive more value through increased music sales and a richer experience."

The Shazam application enables music lovers to tap into a vast database of more than six million tracks and is already used by 20 million music lovers around the world in over 60 countries.

About Shazam

Shazam is one of the most popular apps of all time, used by hundreds of millions of people globally to connect to the world around them. Building on its pioneering leadership in music identification, Shazam now helps people discover, interact with, and share video, audio, or printed content on TV, radio, movie screens, magazines, newspapers, packaged goods, and retail stores -- and now Shazam lets music fans follow their favorite artists to see their Shazams and share in the thrill of discovery. The app has exceeded 20 billion total Shazams since its launch, and users Shazam over 20 million times each day. For more information on how Shazam has created new technology tools for brands to utilize data visit