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Celebrities in Swedish raincoats

News   •   Jun 25, 2013 15:40 GMT

The Supermodel Kate Moss is a big fan, the hip hop artist Kanye West has a "Arholma Black" and our Swedish Crown Princess Victoria enjoys her "Arholma White". The Stockholm-based rain coat company Stutterheim is a real success story.

With the motto "Swedish melancholy at its driest" Stutterheim produces and sells handmade raincoats signed and numbered by seamstresses from the Syverket in Sweden. Each rain coat has been stiched and glued by hand to be completely waterproof. The coats are made ​​to last forever.

Why are Stutterheim celebrating melancholy?
- Feeling blue inspires creativity. It is an active state and should not be confused with depression. It forces us to come up with new ways of seeing the world and new ways of being. To embrace melancholy is ultimately to embrace joy. Let's embrace swedish melancholy. Embracing the rain is a good start, says Alexander Stutterheim, founder of Stutterheim Swedish heritage raincoats

Alexander Stutterheim found his grandfather's old raincoat in a boathouse on the island Arholma in Stockholm Archipelago and fell in love with the quality and timeless look. He then decided to uppdate the model to fit a contemporary person. Stutterheim Raincoats was born. Since the launch in 2011 the range of products has been extended, including several raincoat, boots, umbrellas and warm socks.

Where: Stutterheim Flagship Store, Åsögatan 132, Södermalm

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