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​Underwater Joy

Blog post   •   Sep 25, 2019 08:28 UTC

Photo: Pekka Tuuri Text: Mads Mørch

The area around Mo i Rana is a paradise of caves, with several water-filled caves and around 200 dry caves. Jordbrugrotta is the largest water-filled diving cave in Northern Europe. Cave divers come here from around the world to experience the uniquely clear water, marble formations and Norwegian nature.

Foto: Sami Paakkarinen

Ina Therese Trælnes dove here for the first time in 2017 and became a convert.

“You access a whole other world where no one can reach you. You’re in absolute stillness,” she says. Along with Jani Santala she runs Visit Plura in Plurdalen, just 30 minutes from Mo i Rana airport. Jani is one of the best-qualified diving instructors in Scandinavia. He has done more than 3,000 cave dives and awards 150 certificates a year. The couple’s diving centre offers experiences for certified OC and CCR divers, as well as beginners courses.

Foto: VisitPlura

“A lot of the world’s diving destinations are extremely remote, so it’s a real benefit that people can fly direct from Oslo to Mo i Rana and then drive here in half an hour. More than 80% of our guests come from abroad,” says Ina.

As well as cave diving, visitors also come for the chance of seeing the Northern Lights as the winter darkness draws in.

Foto: Pekka Tuuri

“There’s no light pollution here,” assures Ina. The fact that there’s also no mobile coverage or WiFi comes with its own challenges, but Ina is working on it. In the meantime guests can enjoy a wood-fired sauna on the river bank or a trip into the forest or mountains. There are also guided cave tours on foot, an opportunity to get out of the drysuit. While the guests relax after the day’s diving, the hosts prepare gas tanks and other gear for the next day.

Foto: Richard Stevenson

As you read this, Ina and Jani will have got married in an air chamber 450 metres inside the mountain. The ceremony is set up as a world record attempt, and the Finnish wedding planner is of course also a diver.

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