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Digital Press Event: Join us this Rio Carnival weekend for the Brazilian Flow launch event - in your own living room!

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2017 10:00 GMT

Brazilian Flow launch event at

Brazilian Flow is a new yoga style class invented by Brazilian-American fitness instructor and personal trainer, Chardét Durbin. Brazilian Flow combines the best of Capoeira, Pilates and Yoga into a rejuvenating flow. Now you have a unique opportunity to meet Chardét and join the live and interactive launch event without leaving your home!

‘I have always wanted to celebrate my culture with others. I've lived all over the world but Brazil is home for me; it has this unique energy about it. Brazilian Flow is a new yoga style that challenges you to move creatively and to feel good in your own body in a Brazilian way. ’ tells Chardét Durbin, the founder of Corpão Fitness offering Brazilian inspired fitness classes.

The launch event will take place on Sunday, February 26, 2017 4:00 PM at The event includes a 60 minute ”Brazilian Flow - workshop  - after which you have an opportunity to ask Chardét questions about Brazilian yoga and fitness classes via online chat.

Make sure to ask for free registration details to the event by contacting Anu Petäjä at Yogaia.

More info on Brazilian Flow workshop here.

07- 934852469

About Chardét Durbin

It was in Brazil that I started my fitness journey. Like many women, I was extremely self-conscious about my body. At this time, strong was not the new skinny and curvy definitely wasn't acceptable. When I moved to Brazil for studies, I saw a different kind of female shape celebrated - women with curves. My idea of fitness and my own body completely changed. I began to work out because I enjoyed it and not because I'd "get fat" if I didn't. The result was getting into the best shape of my life and becoming much happier with my body and myself.

I created my company, Corpão Fitness, to share this fitness mind-set with others. The Corpão method is to train and define the female body without extreme dieting, running or excessive lifting. There is no calorie counting or forbidden foods, just a desire to work out to the max and create a strong physique whilst having fun.

About Yogaia

Yogaia is the first and only live online yoga studio that bends around your life. We bring you the magic of interactive yoga classes to your home via a computer, tablet, mobile or TV. There are more than 100 new body & mind classes available every week for every level of yogi, anytime anywhere. Yoga but more flexible.

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