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COP22 – Turn commitments into action: Zaluvida to introduce a NEW instant carbon reduction solution for cows

Press Release   •   Nov 04, 2016 10:00 GMT

Following the Paris Agreement after COP 21, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Marrakech (COP 22) will be the “COP of Action”. In order to make this claim a reality, the global community needs to find and foster new drivers for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). In Marrakech, Zaluvida will present a solution called Mootral™, which has the potential to reduce global emissions by up to 2.5 percent, which equates to 1.3 GtCO2 equivalent to taking at least 200 million cars off the road. This gives most countries a head start of 10 percent or more towards reaching their GHG emission reduction goals.

It is well known that livestock emissions are a considerable contributor to GHGs. Yet, to date, there has been no commercial, scalable solution to reduce methane emissions in cows. Therefore, over the past decade, the life science group Zaluvida has conducted research and development into natural compounds to solve this issue. With Mootral™, Zaluvida developed a breakthrough feed supplement that helps tackle these livestock emissions. The product is made from the natural ingredients allicin and citrus extracts and improves the gastrointestinal health of cattle. Additionally, cows expel significantly less when given the natural supplement. As an existing, proven solution, Mootral™ can already today help to encourage governments, companies and consumers around the world to reduce carbon emissions immediately.

“The Paris Agreement lays out some ambitious goals. After 10 years of research and development, we are finally able to provide a solution that, if scaled up, could significantly contribute towards achieving these goals. Mootral™ is one means of making a reduction in CO2 emissions a reality,” states Dr Michael Graz, Managing Director Neem Biotech.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the global livestock industry is responsible for 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. This makes it the third largest contributor of GHGs after energy and industry. Hence, it is essential to consider this often-disregarded contributor to climate change. Within the livestock industry, cows play a prominent role: There are over 1.5 billion cows on the planet, and every single one of them produces about 2.4 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents annually. This figure exceeds the average output of a European car per year.

“Livestock emissions have been the ‘Elephant in the Room’ for the past 21 COPs, and we must tackle this challenge if we are to have a chance to meet our global goals,” explains Christoph Staeuble, Group CEO at Zaluvida.

As a feed supplement from natural ingredients, Mootral™ helps to immediately reduce cow-induced methane emissions by a minimum of 30 percent. In addition, Mootral™ promotes the healthy growth and development of the cow.

At COP22, Zaluvida will present its breakthrough product as well as its latest findings on consumer perceptions of climate change and its reactions to this new carbon reduction solution. Moreover, the company invites stakeholders to participate at a workshop called The Elephant in the Room is Really a Cow. 

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