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Urbanears presents Listen to yourself by Yazbukey.

Press release   •   Nov 08, 2018 16:00 -12

Urbanears is proud to present its next collaboration in the Listen to yourself campaign, an initiative by the brand for creative minds who tune into their inner voice and are guided by it. Listen to yourself is the perfect campaign for curious artists who embody all the colors of everyday life and use it to represent their unique personalities. Urbanears invited the jewelry and accessories designer, Yazbukey, to express herself through customizing the Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones and the Baggen, Stammen and Lotsen speakers.

Listen to yourself was launched in September with international artist, Tove Lo, followed by Shanghai influencer Zhuzi and Swedish model Arvida Bystrom. Now, Urbanears continues to develop the Listen to yourself campaign and portfolio with additional inspirational collaborations.

Listen to yourself by Yazbukey.

Yazbukey’s collaboration with Urbanears allows her to use the brand’s products
to express herself creatively and artistically, through both the signature Urbanears sound and minimalistic design of their products. Story-telling, optical illusion and surrealist pop is the inspiration for Yazbukey’s art.

“For me, ‘Listen to yourself’ is the ability to listen to yourself and your dreams, to express yourself through the music that you love and listen to on a daily basis,” Yazbukey said. “It is also a way of reach- ing out and touching others through my art, my vision of the world and to allow them to take part in my story.”

The collaboration with Yazbukey.

Yazbukey is known for her jewels, her leather goods and her audacious accessories, always including playful pop references. Most often produced in plexiglass, her jewels with vibrant tones like to play the card of illusion.

“For inspiration, I watch a lot of old films and collect lots of images. I like watching the films and images over again as I always find something new; our mood always draws our attention to another point,” Yazbukey explained. “Everything can become a source inspiration. I love immersing my- self in vintage photographs, watching films or simply looking at people in the street.”

For her collaboration with Urbanears, Yazbukey has reworked her famous plexiglass mouth and applied it to Urbanears’ speakers and headphones – in a pink version and a red version.

“Music has always had an important place in my life, my world and my creativity. For all that, I think it is perfectly natural to collaborate with Urbanears,” Yazbukey said.

“I imagined the sound of the voice of our emblematic mouth, a symbol of a strong, independent and daring woman – perfect for giving a sensual and feminine touch to the world of Urbanears. Now, whatever sound you hear, it will come out of my mouth! For the audio speakers, our mouth represents the inner voice that speaks to us and that only we can hear.”

Listen to yourself.

With elegance and minimalism at the core of its identity, Urbanears’ products are a blank canvas on which every- one is free to express themselves.

“The launch of the Listen to yourself campaign in France is a key stage for us,” explains Ida Holmen, Global PR Manager. “We passionately want to share our DNA, into which minimalism and functionality are woven, with the French public.
This minimalism is what gives artists the blank canvas that they need to work. We wanted to collaborate with creative minds across the world who in their daily life use technology to express themselves and do not allow technology to define them.”

Urbanears considers themselves to be the champions of radical creativity with a crossover between music, fashion and technology. The brand will continue to honor this title by collaborating with present and future icons. Nothing inspires Urbanears more than the urban concert of voices and personalities with vibrant colors. These creators use their inner voice as tools to express their ideas and ideals.

“Yazbukey is perfect to launch this movement and this campaign in France,” Holmen said. “Not only is she extremely talented and a real pleasure to work with, but she is also not afraid to be who she is, always listening to her inner voice – an exuberant personality and with an assumed kitsch. The very essence of this campaign.”

For further information on the Listen
to yourself campaign and offers of the Urbanears products, go to, click “Like” and subscribe to @Urbanears on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

About Urbanears.

Urbanears is a creative lifestyle brand from Stockholm, Sweden, that’s been revolutionizing the headphone industry since 2009 by turning headphones into a fashion accessory.

We have built our success upon a few simple ingredients; simplistic design, innovative features and lots and lots of color. Today we deliver creative and colorful sound to people in over 60 countries worldwide.

We believe in empowering people to express themselves through fashionable electronics and are committed to champ- ion radical creativity at the intersection of music, fashion and technology by collaborating with present & future icons to create new and immersive product & brand experiences.

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