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Ketchup Industry: ConAgra Foods, HUL, Del Monte Foods, Annie's Homegrown, Bolton Group, Nestle India, Kraft Heinz, and Campbell Soup Company

Ketchup is a sweet and tangy sauce, typically made from tomatoes, sugar, and vinegar, with assorted seasonings and spices. It is used as meal condiment and ingredients to enhance the flavor of any dish. It is becoming an important condiment in every household. Ketchup has several application in modern times. It is used for salad dressing, cocktail sauce, and several other fooding occasion to make food tasty and healthy.

Growing demand for fast and processed food across the world is facilitating to grow the demand for ketchup industry.  Ketchup industry in these regions is set to grow rapidly owing to the increasing disposable income of consumers. These fast and processed foods are convenient to a consumer while working. Processed foods offer individuals with more choices and greater variety in their diet. Processed Foods are safe, nutritious, convenient and cost-effective and provide instant energy and this is essential for consumer’s satisfaction. The convenience of fast and processed food is mainly in young and middle-class consumers owing to their attraction towards it.

On the basis of applications, the global ketchup industry segmented as Food Services and Household. In this, the food service sector refers to serving food products prepared outside the home. The Processed food and fast food are the most consumed food products in food service outlets. The consumption of ketchup is high in these places to enhance the taste and appearance. In addition, there are various applications of ketchup in household applications. Domiciliary it is used for or salad dressing, cocktail sauce and other applications. 

The distribution channels play important roles in the supply of products or the goods to the consumers. There are several routes of distribution channel that includes Hyperindustrys/superindustrys, Convenience stores, Grocery stores, Discounters, and Others.  Hyperindustrys/superindustrys is the largest distribution channel in the ketchup industry and it is expected to dominate the distribution channel segment over the forecast period. Easy visibility of product drives the growth of superindustrys and hyperindustry segment in the global ketchup industry.

Industry Key Players

The key companies working in the global ketchup industry includes ConAgra Foods, HUL, Del Monte Foods, Annie's Homegrown, Bolton Group, Nestle India, Kraft Heinz, Campbell Soup Company, Kagome, and General Mills. These companies are more focusing new flavored product launch. This strategy helps them to attract lots of new consumers every year.

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