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Children and young people can find healthcare visits and procedures worrying and stressful. Such events and experiences are often remembered whether all goes well, or even more so, if problems or difficulties occur or if treatment is complicated. This can have short and long term effects on children, young people, and families, so every effort is made to reduce these impacts.

Proper preparation reduces medical stress and worry in children and young people. This makes procedures easier and reduces any short term and long term negative effects. It helps in dealing with what has happened, and to cope better with any future medical care and treatment.

At the Anaesthesia Web children, in all ages and cognitive levels, can learn more about the body, what it is like being in hospital and what happens before, during and after anaesthesia and surgery. The Anaesthesia Web has been developed to be accessible to all children and young people in terms of content, technology, pedagogy and language. The Anaesthesia Web has open access, is free to link, and can as all the content on the site is generally applicable, be used irrespective of local procedures.

The Anaesthesia Web contains medically quality assured information that has been developed to be continuously updated and fact checked by both the target group and experienced specialists within anaesthesia and paediatrics from Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. All content is based on scientific and clinical evidence.

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