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Reunion Destination: Grand Canyon Rafting

Modern families are often spread out across the world, and family reunions are becoming increasingly more important to maintain family ties and to share experiences as a family.  In addition to the distance between family members, work and activities schedules can make it difficult to plan time together with extended family.  The perfect solution to this dilemma is to plan a “destination reunion” which allows families to combine their vacation and travel plans with other family members for a truly memorable trip.


According to Kelly Winter of Arizona River Runners, every summer many families eagerly choose to come from the far ends of the earth to participate in a Grand Canyon raft trip.  Winter says, “They reconnect with children, parents, past classmates and fraternity or sorority brothers and sisters. Even long-lost cousins have made their separate ways from far and away to reunite with a part of their past, right here, at Lees Ferry and go on a whitewater trip.”


If you’ve ever hosted a reunion, or even a holiday dinner for extended family you know that it can be stressful.  A destination reunion allows everyone involved to relax and enjoy the fun and the surroundings.  Whitewater trips are well-suited to family reunions, because they appeal to all ages and provide plenty of amazing experiences that become treasured family memories. Winter points out that Arizona River Runners provides guides and crew that do all of the work on the trips that range from 3-day getaways to 13 day river rafting adventures.  “Our staff makes all of the big decisions, choosing each day’s activities to suit the needs of the families, as well as setting up the camp kitchen and cooking amazingly delicious meals,” Winter explains. “Your responsibilities are lifted and you are free to engage with your family and friends. Your job on this family rafting trip is to have as much fun and excitement together as humanly possible!”


Of course, experiencing the Grand Canyon is one trip that many people have on their personal Bucket List, so planning a family reunion that incorporates the sought-after destination is a great way to convince family members to go Grand Canyon rafting.  While the thought of packing up the kids for a snowy drive to Omaha on Thanksgiving may not be enough to entice your son and his family to visit, who can turn down the idea of joining you on a river rafting adventure in the beautiful Grand Canyon?


There are many destinations to choose from when you’re considering a family reunion, but the Grand Canyon offers some unique benefits to families. Not only is the Canyon a stunning sight, it is rich with history and offers the opportunity for a variety of activities and exploration. On an Arizona rafting vacation families will experience the thrill of whitewater rapids together, set off on hidden hikes to see thundering waterfalls or ancient petroglyphs, and participate in games, storytelling and more in camp. Just looking up at the incredible show of stars each night together can bring new meaning to family ties. One of the priceless benefits of a Grand Canyon raft trip is that there are no distractions like cell phones, text messages, or emails from the office.  Families have the opportunity to focus on each other, creating new bonds and memories in a way they might never have experienced before; to slow down, relax, enjoy life, and one another.  


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