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Mild permeate in free flow

Flavour-enhanced VARIOLAC® takes cost optimisation beyond the limits.
New improved whey permeate from Arla Foods Ingredients tastes better, dissolves faster and flows more easily. Free of the dosage limitations associated with traditional permeate, this cost-saving source of dry milk solids is a great opportunity for food manufacturers to optimise their recipes.

The new range is called VARIOLAC® 960 - the number a reference to the 96% lactose content, which is significantly higher than that of standard permeate. It is this that contributes to the mild, appealing flavour, one of the main advantages over competitor products.

Higher dosages
“Many permeate products have a strong, mineral-like taste that limits their use in food applications,” says Søren Nørgaard, technical manager.
“VARIOLAC® 960 has a sweet dairy flavour profile, so it can be used at much higher dosages and easily replace other more expensive filler ingredients, such as pure lactose, whey powder, maltodextrin and dextrose.”

Processing efficiency
Another plus is the low hygroscopicity. VARIOLAC® 960 resists absorbing moisture from the air, retaining its free-flowing powder qualities in storage for considerably longer than standard permeate. On food processing lines, manufacturers benefit further from efficient product change-overs as remnants of the improved permeate do not accumulate inside the machinery. Higher production capacity can be directly linked to the reduced need for cleaning.
“The hygroscopicity is on a level with that of lactose and dextrose, which are regarded as the “golden” standard, and significantly better than that of whey and standard permeate powder,” Søren Nørgaard says.

Flexible application

Arla Foods Ingredients’ powder expertise has been used to ensure the new permeate is rapidly soluble in water - a property that makes it particularly well suited to instant products, such as soups, coffee and protein drinks.
But the application opportunities do not end there. In bakery products, snack seasonings, processed cheese and meats, yogurt and dairy beverages, VARIOLAC® 960 offers more than just the chance to reduce formulation costs. Quality and processing benefits are also clear gains and, with them, a strong brand image on the market and streamlined operations in production.

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