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Our people make the difference

People, products and processes are the essentials that ensure our customers a high quality experience whenever they interact with Arla Foods Ingredients. This issue of Talking Point acknowledges the people that have secured the satisfactory scores in the 2011 Arla Foods Ingredients customer survey

Customers should always be able to count on Arla Foods Ingredients to deliver the products and service they expect. From the scores given in the 2011 customer survey, it is clear that this guiding principle brings good results.
Arla Foods Ingredients CEO Henrik Andersen gives the credit for the success to the best team in the industry – the company’s global employees.
“Many customers depend on us to supply a product they cannot get elsewhere. We invest in an organisation that gives our customers confidence in our ability to deliver the right quality.”
Always professional
Customer responses to the survey showed close to maximum satisfaction with the professional competences, service mindedness, attentiveness and commitment they meet when working with Arla Foods Ingredients. Their feedback reflects the comments regularly made when customers visit our plants to conduct supplier audits.
“The auditors always praise our people for their willingness to describe and explain the way they work. That also goes also for people operating the equipment in the plants,” Andersen notes.
Innovative mindset
Working within a rapidly developing industry is a clear source of motivation. With so many avenues to explore in the world of milk-based ingredients, the work environment is conducive to an innovative mindset. Research and development is conducted at a high level, many of the new product launches representing market breakthroughs.
But, as Andersen remarks, it is the collective efforts of every employee that make the difference overall.
“We go after having the best people. That we have been successful is confirmed by the survey results. Now we will find ways to make our performance even better.”