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Sauces cut costs in style

Want to improve the dairy appeal of ready meals? First take out the milk…

Expensive dairy ingredients are an obvious place to start if you are looking to reduce the cost of convenient ready meals. The problem with most attempts to cut the non-fat dry milk (NFDM) in ready meal sauces is that the appealing dairy flavour and appearance disappear along with it.
Now that’s no longer an issue. Using Arla Foods Ingredients’ new functional milk proteins, it is possible to replace NFDM and make ready meals even better than before – with a guaranteed saving of minimum 15% on dairy ingredient costs.
No loss of dairy appeal
“What we do is replace dairy with dairy. Everyone who has tried our solutions likes the dairy flavour and appearance, which is typically lost using other NFDM replacers,” says Søren Frørup, technical sales manager.
The functional milk proteins are capable of replacing NFDM partially or entirely in ready meal base sauces. As for the overall quality, manufacturers gain opportunities to improve creaminess, smoothness, shininess and whiteness.
Healthier, more natural
At a time when foods with a healthier profile and cleaner label are top of mind for consumers and manufacturers alike, Arla Foods Ingredients can accommodate these trends, too.
Up to 50% fat reduction is possible using the functional milk proteins, all exclusively derived from natural milk.
“The clean label trend often makes it difficult to produce high quality, convenience foods. We have proven that naturalness and quality can go together – at lower cost,” Frørup adds.

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