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Attgeno appoints Saurabh Mishra as CFO

Attgeno, a privately held clinical stage company devoted to development and commercialization of innovative and effective nitric oxide-donating drugs announces the appointment of Saurabh Mishra as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Saurabh Mishra brings over a decade of valuable experience in the healthcare and biotech industries. He currently serves as the Managing Partner at Farmantra, a corporate finance advisory firm specializing in providing strategic CFO and valuation services. With his financial acumen, honed through collaborations with numerous emerging biotech companies, Saurabh offers a compelling financial perspective to guide the strategic decisions made by the Board. His goal is to establish himself as a Value Integratorworking closely with the CEO to drive the long-term growth of the company. Saurabh has been advising numerous biotech CEOs in crafting strategic decisions, particularly in areas such as capital efficiency, capital allocation, scaling operations, and orchestrating successful exits to benefit shareholders.

"Saurabh brings a forward-looking mindset to Attgeno in his capacity as CFO, with his extensive leadership experience and profound strategic decision-making abilities, cultivated through his tenure with many different biotech companies. He is the perfect fit for Attgeno, especially as we expect to soon find ourselves at a critical value inflection point when we have received results for the currently ongoing phase-IIa study in patients with pulmonary hypertension in association with cardiac surgery." says Per Agvald, CEO of Attgeno. "Saurabh is a seasoned expert in creating value for biotech companies, and his addition has further fortified our team as we continue to make strides in our clinical trials."

"I've been following Attgeno since 2016 when I valued the lead candidate intrinsically and understood the risks and rewards of their assets. I'm genuinely impressed by the recent clinical progress achieved by Attgeno. I extend my gratitude to the Board and the entire team and eagerly anticipate collaborating to facilitate Attgeno's growth by advancing Supernitro and exploring its potential applications in acute and chronic pulmonary hypertension." says Saurabh Mishra.

Attgeno’s former CFO, Björn Westberg, has transitioned to a position on the Board of directors, replacing Elisabet Lindberg.

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About Attgeno

Attgeno AB is a clinical-stage, privately held Swedish pharmaceutical company with the mission to develop and commercialise the discovery of completely new methods of providing innovative and efficient nitric oxide-donating drugs. Its leading drug candidate, Supernitro, is currently in phase-IIa clinical trials. For more information, please visit

About Supernitro (PDNO)

Supernitro is administered as an intravenous infusion, and when entering into the blood, it has an ultra-short half-life rapidly releasing its active moiety nitric oxide (NO). As a result, the majority of its NO is released just through the short passage through the lung blood circulation where it reacts with the blood vessels and causes them to dilate. The dilation reduces the resistance for the blood flow through the lungs generated by the pumping of the right heart, and thereby the lung blood pressure is decreased. With decreased pressure to work against the right heart is alleviated. By the donation of NO in the lungs, Supernitro replaces the decrease in NO production that is a well-known consequence of different diseases leading to increased risk for acute pulmonary hypertension.

About acute pulmonary hypertension

Acute pulmonary hypertension, due to acute elicited constriction of the vessels of the lung blood, is a feared complication to major surgery, especially heart surgery, lung emboli and severe infections e.g. Covid-19. In acute pulmonary hypertension, constriction of blood vessels within the lung causes increased resistance in the lung blood vessels with a risk that the heart’s right ventricle does not have the capacity to sufficiently pump the blood through the lungs. In severe cases, the consequence is right heart failure and a drop in systemic blood pressure threatening blood flow to vital organs such as the brain, liver, kidneys and the heart itself – which can lead to a rapid death.