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Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Blinds, Shutters or Awnings

Aluminium Venetian BlindsBlinds, shutters or awnings are window coverings that are not only functional, but add an aesthetic appeal to your home. Most folks prefer to select window coverings to match the interiors of the home or at least complement the rest of the house. Quite often, the result is not what is expected leading to much disappointment and waste of money.

Here are seven mistakes to avoid when choosing blinds, shutters or awnings for your home:

1) Avoid the Cheap Stuff:
When choosing blinds, shutters or awnings for your home go for quality products. While you might feel you're spending more, it is well worth the cost as your quality window coverings will last longer, generally six to eight years. You don't want to end up replacing your blinds or shutters just a year down the line which may well be the case with cheap bargains.

2) Choosing the wrong type of blind or shutter:
Vertical blinds work well for large windows while blinds with horizontal slats are ideal for small windows. Similarly, keep in mind block-out materials are suitable for bedrooms, but not necessarily suitable for living rooms or studies.

3) Not taking correct measurements:
Correct window measurements is crucial to having well-appointed blinds, shutters or awnings. It is advisable to call in the representative of window blind suppliers to measure the windows for a professional and perfect fit. Apollo Blinds offers advice on the selection of suitable window coverings; they can also send someone to professionally measure your windows.

4) Don’t assume all windows are of the same size:
Each window in your home must be measured individually for the perfectly fitted blind or shutter. Assuming that all windows are similar is a mistake that may cost you quite some money to get it right.

5) Avoid choosing style over function:
The style of the window blind, shutter or awning should not be a hindrance to its functionality. For example, a stylish blind on a sliding door might not really be a practical idea. Outdoor blinds and shutters must be made from tough, all-weather fabric or material.

6) Shoddy Installation:
There is no point in having the perfectly fitting blinds if they are not installed properly. Professionals like Apollo Blinds will not only ensure that your Aluminium Blinds Croydon or shutters are the perfect fit, but they will also install them expertly, giving your home a neat and stylish look.

7) Avoid matching everything;
The window in every room of the house need not be furnished with the same fabric. Instead, break the monotony by choosing a different colour or fabric for each window. Go with the features and the décor of individual rooms to decide on what would look best.

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