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ShipsBells App for the iPhone

December 27, 2010 - You could be one of the millions who have deep love for the sea. There are many people who would love to be part of the sea going crew but not all can make it. Why not create an environment that will always remind you of what you love most?

ShipsBells App for the iPhone is a wonderful application that plays the sound of ship bells. The ships bells helps regulate the duty watches of the sailing crew at all times. However, the way it works is a little different from a normal clock. The bells ring after every half an hour hence offering you the chance to be part of what you would love most. It reminds you of the sea always even if you are in the mid of your sleep.

ShipBells can be downloaded and stored in your iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad at any time.

At a very affordable price of 0.99 dollars everyone can definitely afford to buy these great entertaining sounds. They are periodically updated and you will need to pay once for the rights to use the nautical bells. You can get the support you need at any time from the developers of the ShipBells App. There is also a nautical clock ShipsClock app that produces the sounds of a ship’s clock.

The ShipBells plays in the background after setting the intervals and does not need to be running – so there is no abnormal drain on the battery.. After paying for App at Apple’s App store via iTunes, it can be downloaded immediately to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

This Application is simply stunning. It’s among the best applications that can be stored in your iPhone. What’s more interesting is that the ShipsBells need not to be running to ring in the background. They are automatically set to provide you with that soothing nautical bell sound after half an hour interval. You do not need to export it to another gadget to listen to the nice sound.

If you are into things nautical, the ships bells can work pretty well for you. The bells will continuously remind you of the sea. More interesting features are to be added, hence making it a great application.

Here is some of the feedback received from people who have purchased the ShipsBells and ShipsClock apps:



Thanks - now it´s a great app. I´ll recommend it to friends. Good luck Juergen

I've been looking for a clock like this for a long time. I've tried both the Ship's Bells and the Ship's Clock. …A few minor tweaks and it would be perfect... … With these mnor fixes, I think this would be the 1st perfect App. Thanx David

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Company Phone: +61 418 117 990

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Company Locations: Bargara, QLD, Australia


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