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Improve your Towing Experience with Standard Tow Bars

Standard Tow BarsTowing is absolutely easy but before you begin towing, there a few of things you need to keep in mind. Do it right and you won't have any problem but if you forget the basics, the vehicle or object being towed could change the entire dynamics and you could end up doing the opposite of whatever you intended. So here are a few things you need to keep in mind to improving your towing experience using standard tow bars.

The first thing to remember is the maximum weight you can tow. A lot of folks believe that the maximum weight is decided by the quality of the standard or non-standard tow bars that are being used. Wrong! The tow bars are merely a tool to safely attach the vehicle being towed to the towing vehicle. That is not to say that the quality of the tow bar is not vital to your towing experience however, it is the towing vehicles own weight that is vital. Know this; you can safely tow only 1.5 times the unladen towing vehicle's mass.

When you attach (say) a fully laden camper, there will be a significant change to the stability of the towing vehicle and the braking distances. In fact, if you have never towing before, it would be best to practice towing on a very lonely stretch of road – just so you get a hang of the changes that occur in the handling dynamics of the towing vehicle. First, practice with an empty camper (or whatever else you need to tow). Next, practice with a half-filled camper and then with a fully loaded one. Fully loaded includes passengers if any. In each case make a mental study of the significant change in the handling of the vehicle. This will save you from potentially catastrophic loss of vehicle and trailer control. The reason we recommend you practice head out on your first holiday or project, is because statistically; most of the accidents involving towing vehicles happen in the first few instances of the owner using the tow bars.

Having purchased (say) a camper and standard tow bars, the owner loads up the camper and the family heads out. Disaster strikes almost as soon as the driver of the towing vehicle applies brakes in an emergency or drives uphill or downhill. So before you load up your trailer and head out, here's a check list you need to closely follow:

1. Note the maximum towing capacity of towing vehicle
2. Note the maximum carrying capacity of the trailer or towed vehicle
3. Note the rated capacity of the tow bar and coupling
4. Note the maximum carrying capacity of the tyres
5. Find the location of the nearest weighbridge and use it to weight the loaded trailer and unload some things if the trailer weight is more than it's recommended capacity.
6. A fully loaded vehicle includes loaded towing vehicle (with passengers if any) and loaded trailer.
7. Before you buy a trailer, know that the heavier the trailer, the more difficult it is to control.

Whatever you do should be within the permissible limits or you could not only risk contravening State road traffic laws, you could also contravene the fine print of your vehicle insurance cover.

This article is not meant to scare you but to point out a few things you need to keep in mind to improve your towing experience using top-quality standard Tow Bars In Sydney. To know more on different types of tow bars, please visit:


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