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Growing Veggies in Pots Is the Best Option for People with Little Gardening Space

There are a lot of people who wish to have their own garden for personal consumption as it is healthier and more cost-effective to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs, but because of their little space in their yards they don’t actually do it. Now, thanks to herb container gardening it is possible to have your own kitchen garden, irrespective of having a terrace, balcony or just the space form the doorsteps. Moreover, these easy to grow veggies will form a mobile garden that can easily be moved around whenever you like and they will make the surrounding of your house more beautiful and attractive.

The best thing about growing veggies in pots is that they require less maintenance and are easier to grow. Of course, the water requirements vary from a plant to another, but in order to have a proper herb container gardening you need to follow a few simple rules. First of all you need to select the site for herb container gardening as herbs need to have at least six hours of direct sunlight exposure. So it is necessary to place them in the area where the sunlight gets most of the day. Taking into account the advantage of being able to move the containers, the herbs can be grown inside the house and outside, offering you the possibility to expose them to the sunlight as recommended for each type separately. Moreover, you should place the containers next to a source of water and close to the kitchen door so that is would be easier for you to collect the herbs and veggies.

The container selection is another important step as it needs to have a good drainage system. Herbs with small roots can be placed in smaller containers that require less soil and space to deposit, but they need frequent watering. If you have a garden, than larger containers would be more appropriate that can be found in rectangular and square shapes. Also, you can use the window boxes for depositing and growing veggies in pots. When it comes to the type of soil used, you must opt for high quality soil especially created for potting as most herbs need superior drainage. It is vital for the pots to have holes in order for the herbs not to drown and the potting soil should have the property to allow aeration and retain moisture. High quality potting soil can be made out of vermiculite, perlite, moss and sand mixed with raw soil.

Mint, rosemary, sage, basil and thyme are the most common herbs grown in herb container gardening, but you can also grow perennial herbs for indoor situations. It is recommended to choose herbs that grow in a limited environment. The planting techniques are not very complicated, but the depth at which you put the herbs in the pot is very important. You can even opt for planting various herbs in the same container if they have the same requirements in terms of soil, amount of water and sun exposure. After a correct planting of the herbs you need to water the pot until water gets through the bottom drainage holes. The last issue to cover would be to learn how to water and maintain them as if you give them to much you will cause root rot, fungus gnats or fungal infection, while not giving them enough water will lead to wilting and scorching. Therefore, it is important to consult reliable informational sources and see the requirements and specifications that each type of herb planted has.

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