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Think You Are Fast Enough to Bring Down World Records? Try No Way Out for iPhone!

July 2011 - For many of us, eye-hand coordination is a very important skill, since it can prove to be of use for an extremely wide range of activities and operations. Some are born with this incredible skill, others have to exercise it through work related tasks or entertaining activities, such as game apps for iPhone. In fact some of these games are designed specifically for the testing and improvement of this skill. One of these game apps for iPhone is No Way Out, a revolutionary game build by Kismat Productions, a United Kingdom based company.

No Way Out is a game application meant to bring out the best in the player as well as in the features of the iPhone. Its final goal is to motivate each and every single player to cross the rope as quickly as possible. But keep in mind that each level will impose new challenges and obstacles. Remember not to look down! It is a long fall and you might just feel dizzy!

Because it requires the players to physically balance the iPhone left and right, just as they would have in real life, it can certainly be said that No Way Out is one of the game apps for iPhone which places value on the motion detectors of the device as well as on the specific skills of the player! You can download No Way Out and other game apps for iPhone developed by Kismat Productions from the Apple App Store or from other virtual locations such as OVI Store, On Intel AppUp and also Chrome Web Store.

About Kismat Productions

Kismat Production is one of the most prominent and reputable companies in the field of developing, testing and marketing applications for smart phones, particularly for the iPhone, of the most intelligent and useful tools of this century.

The most relevant attributes that can be used so as to properly describe the work of Kismat Productions are professionalism, commitment and also uniqueness, as all the applications developed by this company, including 3D games for iPhone, are built taking into consideration the opinions and suggestions of the users, with state-of-the-art technology and based on unique features, so as to attract players and not bore them with variations of the same theme.

Kismat Productions is one of the companies that have caught the attention of thousands of people. These figures can be verified through the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter profiles of the companies. Checking!/KismatPro2011 for the Kismat Productions Twitter profile, for the Facebook fan page and for the YouTube channel page can help you not only keep up with the latest news regarding this company, communicate with the professionals working for the development of game apps for iPhone , but also get in contact with other fans of No Way Out. This way, you can easily check out who is the competition for becoming the greatest tightrope walker of the world. In addition, you can share news about your records, compare them and motivate each other to record new best times.

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