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Axiell förvärvar norskt bolag

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Axiell förvärvar norskt bolag

Axiellförvärvar nu norska Bibliotekenes IT-senter (Bibits), Bibliotekscentrum Sverige AB samt Open Library Solutions (OLS) med biblioteksplattformarna Mikromarc och Saga. Genom köpet får Axiell samarbete med ytterligare 2000 bibliotek och 300 kommuner i Norge, Sverige och Finland.
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Joel Sommerfeldt

Joel Sommerfeldt

Press contact President & CEO Axiell Group AB +46 46-270 04 00
Maria Wasing

Maria Wasing

Press contact COO/Executive Vice President COO Axiell Group +46738521752

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Axiell provides software and services which help organisations to organise and share culture and knowledge with the world.

Our solutions help our community of global customers to manage their collections, encourage reading, preserve cultural heritage, improve learning and increase engagement with the public.

We work in partnership with our customers in 55 countries from libraries, museums, archives, schools, publishers and retailers. Together we develop innovative digital tools to transform the way our customers work and connect with audiences.