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Axiell ‐ strengthens its business

Axiell ‐ strengthens its business by creating a new company to focus on Archives, Museums and Local Studies

Effective from 1st July 2011, Axiell announces the launch of a new company specialising in Collection management for Archives, Local Studies and Museums. The new company, Axiell CALM Limited, previously operated as a separate business unit within Axiell Ltd, supplying the Calm collection management system used by over 400 Archives, Museums and Records Offices.

Malcolm Howitt, previously Axiell Business Manager for Calm, has been appointed Managing Director of Axiell CALM. He says, "At Group level in Axiell we reviewed how to offer the best service to the archives and museums sector. The new organisational structure gives us the opportunity to develop and expand on the range of solutions we can offer to clients in the UK and internationally, and signals our intention to continue to support them in building the best services possible for their own user communities."

He adds, "From a product and services perspective, this is a very positive step by the board of Axiell Group in acknowledging the strength of the Calm brand, investing in a growing portfolio for the future, and aiming to strengthen Axiell as the Cultural Services partner of choice."

More than 400 archives and museums use Calm as their collection management system, including the Parliamentary Archives, Surrey History Centre, Transport for London and the Wellcome Library.

The new company will continue to operate from Axiell UK’s head office in Nottingham, from where services such as administration, support and development will continue to be delivered.  

Axiell Limited is part of the wider Axiell Group AB which provides products and services to the Cultural Services sector across the UK and in Scandinavia. Axiell Group is a supplier of IT systems and services dedicated to libraries, archives and museums and places great emphasis on development.

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Axiell develops technically advanced and innovative solutions for libraries, schools, archives and museums in close cooperation with its customers. More than 1000 library organisations with thousands of branches in the Nordic countries and in the UK use Axiell’s library management systems and Axiell Arena, the tool for the virtual library. The system for archives and museums, CALM, is used by over 400 archives and museums in Europe. More than 3,000 schools use Axiell’s systems.

The Axiell Group, which is based in Lund and has more than 200 employees, has five subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the UK. Together, we form the world’s fifth largest company in this sector.

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