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2012 Physics Nobel laureates Wineland and Haroche accused of stealing the discovery

SARAJEVO/STOCKHOLM, 23 JANUARY, 2013.  An official report was submitted to the Nobel Committee and Swedish Police, offering proof beyond doubt that this year's recipients of Nobel Prize in physics, David J. Wineland and Serge Haroche, were awarded the Prize for a discovery they acquired from Dr. Mensur Omerbashich in 2008, while at the same time betraying public trust in responsible office Wineland fills at NIST.

Their "ingenious” discovery is actually Dr.Omerbashich's discovery of how quantum and macroscopic physics are related/cancelled via a fundamental ratio of 369.2 (gravitational resonance). The discoverer had sent his result to NIST in 2008 expecting a comment and verification from their publicly funded office. Instead of responding properly, Wineland (of NIST) forged his research and presented the discovery as his own. Haroche is at fault by association past 2008.

All Wineland did was trivially use a gas with affinity equal to Dr. Omerbashich's fundamental ratio (369.2 kJ mol^-1 --> Argon),while hiding the fact that he has learned about this fundamental ratio from Dr.Omerbashich via personal communication. He thus "ingeniously"annulled the "magical" causes of entanglement. He still pretends he"doesn't know" why of all beams, it is Argon which works for this specific purpose. Also, Dr. Omerbashich clearly states in his work that entanglement is not real and Wineland knew this also from Dr. Omerbashich. But instead of admitting that he/they just verified another man's discovery, Wineland and Haroche presented it as their own while Dr. Omerbashich waited (and waited) for a reply.

Since the recipients have obtained the discovery through a heinous act of crime, they must be stripped of the Prize regardless of its rules since no one is above law. The rules themselves must be amended in this case in order to comply with the law for the present case and for all future, so that criminals with degrees could never again be awarded the highest accolades.

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