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Useful and Practical Explosion Protection Information at a Glance

With the brochure “Basics of explosion protection“ and the overview poster showing the marking of equipment, BARTEC provides well-tried and popular information tools related to explosion protection. The focus is deliberately set on the overview and summary of essential information. The documents provide practical help for the daily work.

The 2011 issue of the brochure “Basics of explosion protection“ provides an introduction into the physical principles of explosion protection, many schematic diagrams (CE marking and the way towards CE conformity) as well as some helpful overviews for the daily work. All relationships are explained in a simple and practice-oriented way. Based on the most important explosion protection codes for gases and dusts as well as the essential protection principles, all ignition protection types are listed - for electrical and non-electrical equipment, for gas and dust explosion hazardous areas.

This comprehensive overview is completed by a well-structured list of all current standards related to explosion protection and some essential additional links to national and European information sources. In addition to this brochure on explosion protection, two new overview posters showing the marking of electrical and non-electrical devices and components for use in explosion hazardous areas are available.

All brochures and documents are free of charge and can be requested at BARTEC under the e-mail address or downloaded here.


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BARTEC is a leading global provider of explosion protection. Its international customers mainly include companies from the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and from the field of energy. In the context of the strategic further development of the group, the focus is on the key areas of innovation and globalisation: The goal of the "BARTEC goes mobile" strategy is to release a wide range of explosion-proof tablets, smartphones and cameras as well as the associated software integration in order to provide the best possible service to the future market of mobile solutions for use in hazardous areas. In addition, BARTEC is focusing on consistent internationalisation and on the systematic expansion of its international network, which currently comprises a global network of 14 production locations, over 60 sales units and around 50 international trading partners.



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