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The River Thames and other water sources such as groundwater boreholes supply London’s almost 9 million people with their tap drinking water. The water is cleansed in freshwater cleaning utilities, but is it enough?

On eve of Earth Day weekend, Bluewater says discovery of chemicals in tap drinking water in Denmark points to declining tap water quality even in developed countries

Stockholm, Sweden, April 17, 2023 – Bluewater, a world leader in innovating water purification solutions, says news that hundreds of different chemicals had been found in a new study of Danish water works underlines consumer fears that tap quality can no longer be taken for granted. Bluewater’s comment came on the eve of Earth Day held every April 22, when millions of people in 192 countries arou

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David Noble

David Noble

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Bluewater innovates, manufactures and commercializes globally a complete range of premium reverse osmosis water purifiers for residential, business and public use

Bluewater is a world leader innovating, manufacturing, and commercializing water purification technologies and solutions for residential, business and public use. Bluewater harnesses patented reverse osmosis technology to remove 99.97% of pollutants from water, including lead, bacteria, pesticides, medical residues, chlorine, microplastics and lime-scale. In early 2022, Bluewater merged with U.S. water drinking company Flowater.

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