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Bonnier Growth Media Invests in Virtual Reality play studio Resolution Games

Resolution Games will receive USD 6 million in the biggest investment round for a virtual reality (VR) game developer ever. Among the primary investors are Bonnier Growth Media as well as Google Ventures.

“We focus on VR over a long time horizon with a small and agile team that can create and develop a range of new concepts, producing game content for a growing market of VR equipment,” says Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO for Resolution Games. Palm was one of the creative minds behind global mobile game hit Candy Crush Saga. “So far, we’ve developed seven game prototypes, launched our first title, and we are working on the next, which will be a VR game with a fishing theme, due for release in early 2016.”

Says Ulrika Saxon, CEO for Bonnier Growth Media: “Every single person with a smart phone today has what it takes to start experiencing a revolutionary virtual reality experience, once the headset begins being distributed widely, which will be soon. The Resolution Games team has shown that they have the creativity, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit needed to create success, and we’re happy to be part of the investor group behind this new journey. It’s very much in line with our strategy to invest in local tech startups that are on the cutting edge of digital media development.”

Resolution Games will be using the capital investment to add to its team with developers, and increase the pace of building a portfolio of quality titles for the fast-growing VR market. The company is based in Stockholm and plans to grow with the help of the strong Swedish talent pool within game development.

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