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Your voice can change the world

Blog post   •   Aug 12, 2019 22:00 -12

Hello world!

I am the emperor penguin Bowie, the mascot of Bowspirit Kids, on the beautiful Ekström Ice Shelf in the north of Antarctica near Neumayer-Station III.

In the many meetings Michael and his partners have had over the last few months, we have been constantly told how unusual and inspiring our project is.

Everyone is always extremely grateful for this, because to be honest, we sometimes lose sight of it a little, because it has become so natural for us that we simply have to help the kids in their special situation.

Of course, one could also have launched a project that only helps sick children regionally. But who are we to exclude a child in need of help?

And yes, one could perhaps help sick and traumatised children without a passenger ferry as an instrument. But nobody has done anything like that to the extent of our approach!

So please don't let the unusual features of our project distract you from the actual focus point: the sick children, for whom there are currently no such offers for non-disease-related and cross-border services.

If our project would be easy, everyone would do it. But you are not everyone and therefore exactly the kind of person we build on!

And of course there will be haters with increasing coverage in the public, there will be doubters, there will be unbelievers - and then there will be you who will prove them wrong.

It is great when you not only support us financially but also tell your friends about us and that there may be a solution for this supply gap now. And please ask your friends to tell their friends as well...

As Barack Obama put it: Your voice can change the world - if you use it.

Have a great time - see you soon!

Yours Bowie 🐧