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Paragard- Perfect Choice for Birth Control

Paragard is a popular choice of birth control precautions for females who want to enjoy a tension free life. Birth control is a formidable decision for anyone. If you want don’t want to become pregnant then you can protect yourself by means of taking certain effective precautions.

Interestingly with so many different forms of birth control to select from, it may be confusing at times to select the right solution. If you are seeking for any kind of protection which is free from side effects and effective, then Paragard can be your choice right away.

Paragard is a type of ‘non hormonal intrauterine contraception’ mechanism which is made with copper. It was initially manufactured and marketed in the year 1970s by Duramed pharmaceutical and is known as T380A. The rate of effectiveness is 99.4 percent as per several medical reports.

According to reports, Paragard can effectively prevent the sexually transmitted disease. Paragard is quite easy to use and lasts as an effective form of pregnancy control for at least 10 years unlike no other product in the market. The Paragard device can essentially be used as the safest form of the ‘day after’ type of the emergency birth control. This device can easily be inserted in the uterus without the need of any surgery and is also easy to remove as well. Hence, Paragard can be your choice of birth control.

Some reports also suggest that the demand of Paragard is on a high among the many women who are sexually active. This is only due to its effective and better results. Going by the different results, it can be said that Paragard is an intrauterine device which can prove better results for the IUD contraception.

All in all with Paragard you can get away the tension of taking pills every day. Moreover, it’s non hormonal that means you can avoid the hormonal side effects with the same.


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