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Juvederm- Useful for Removing Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Naso labial Folds

The appearance of skin folds and wrinkles indicate to the visible signs of aging. There are several lotions, creams as well as facial treatments promising to minimize wrinkles and they work to an extent when used over a period of time. However, if you are looking for some immediate results, then consider Juvederm.

Juvederm is found to be really effective and natural. It has proved effective in removing the naso labial folds which ensure long lasting and a safe treatment on the whole. This form of skin treatment is also popular as it doesn’t take a very long time in minimizing wrinkles and skin folds with best results.

Basically, Juvederm is filler, which is derived from the Hyaluronic acid. It is made naturally in the human body and helps to hydrate your skin. This filler easily blends with your skin. The filler is found to be in the shape of gel that merges quickly and evenly within the skin areas. Very soon the elasticity is then regained and your skin looks young and taut again.

Juvederm is quite a popular form of treatment and doesn’t take a lot of time to eliminate wrinkles. There are 2 kinds of Juvederm, namely Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Ultra. The Juvederm Ultra functions by adding volume to the wrinkles and facial folds.

On the other hand, the Juvederm Ultra Plus is one potent formulation which has been designed to add volume and to remove the deeper wrinkles and folds. The best part of Juvederm treatments is that there is less or no recovery time required. The process of injection for Juvederm takes only 15 minutes, and the changes can be easily felt immediately. The fact that results can be visible immediately makes Juvederm treatment all the more popular. Nonetheless, the effects are found to be long lasting as and when compared to the other treatments.

You don’t require revisiting the clinic for any touch up. Last but not the least, Juvederm treatment is effective and safe for all types of skin and leaves behind a pleasant result without any sort of side effects.


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Maria Adli writes articles for AMA Meds, a duly licensed pharmacy in the province of British Columbia, Canada.