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7200.00mAh Replacement Dell XPS M1530 Battery

This is a 11.10V, 7200.00mAh Dell XPS M1530 Battery. The Dell XPS M1530 Battery is designed for your Dell Laptop, every piece of battery has been tested and validated on Dell Laptop to ensure it will work with your Dell XPS M1530 Laptop.


Product ID : NDE111

Battery Type : li-ion

Colour : black

Capacity : 7200.00 mAh

Weight : 611.80 g

Dimensions : 313.16x43.60x43.90 mm

Volt : 11.10 V

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Original Price : AU $97.37

You save : AU $29.28

Now Price : AU $68.09 (including GST)


This laptop battery can replace the following part numbers of Dell: ( Press ' Ctrl+F ' to Find )

312-0660 312-0662 312-0663 312-0664312-0665 451-10528 451-10529 GP975 RN897RU006 RU030 TK330XT828 XT832


This replacement battery is also compatible with the following models of Dell: ( Press ' Ctrl+F ' to Find )

XPS M1530


Laptop Battery Usage Tips:

Ever been on a long flight, ready to hunker down and get some work done, only to discover that your Dell XPS M1530 laptop battery is plunging toward the red zone an hour after takeoff? So have we. That's why we've gathered these simple tips that will preserve your notebook's juice and boost your productivity. Read them now. You'll thank yourself later.

1.Fully charge this new Replacement Battery for Dell XPS M1530 Laptop packs before use. New laptop battery pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can be conditioned to full capacity.

2.Fully charged stage, Rechargeable laptop battery undergo self-discharging when left unused. So your should store this Dell XPS M1530 laptop battery pack in a fully charged stage

3.Fully drain and fully recharge this Dell laptop batteries pack every few months.

4.For longer this battery life, turn down the LCD brightness of your Dell XPS M1530 laptop.

5.Don't short circuit the terminals or store this Dell XPS M1530 laptop battery pack with metal parts.


6.Extending Dell XPS M1530 Laptop Battery Life:

The battery ages even if not used. For best results, keep the battery cool. In addition, store the battery at a 40 percent charge level. Never fully charge or discharge the battery before storage. The 40 percent charge assures a stable condition even if self-discharge robs some of the battery's energy. Most battery manufacturers store Li-ion batteries at 15¡ãC (59¡ãF) and at 40 percent charge.


7.Proper Dell XPS M1530 Laptop Battery Care:

Leaving a battery in a laptop while using an electrical outlet for long periods of time will keep the battery in a constant state of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the battery.


Dell XPS M1530 Laptop Battery Warranty Policy

This laptop battery you purchased from us is guaranteed! We warranty this laptop battery sold in our website, other than explicitly stated, are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship.



100% Q.C. of this Laptop Battery for Dell.

This Dell XPS M1530 battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications.

This Dell XPS M1530 laptop battery is sell with 1 Year Warranty.

This Dell XPS M1530 battery is sell with 30 Days Money Back.


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