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An Up Close Look at the Dell Inspiron I14-1440TMR Laptop

The Dell Inspiron Laptop I14R-1440TMR is a quality laptop that can easily fit into many budgets due to the sub five hundred dollar price tag, $499.99 at Best Buy or to be precise. This particular mid-range laptop offers exceptional performance for a variety of tasks, and can even be outfitted for upper end PC users. Dell is a company that delivers some quality technology products, and has a track record for above average service, which means that potential buyers can feel comfortable with the long term performance of their purchase. This is a laptop that can be used by students from middle school age to high school age and can even support the needs of an average college student or home business professional. The first aspect any buyer of the Dell Inspiron I14R-1140TMR will notice is the tomato red color of the unit. It definitely stands out from the crowd, and gets several second looks from anyone passing by. However, the red case is a bit of a diversion from the computer itself. The 14 inch WLED high definition screen is more HP Laptop Battery than adequate as far as size is concerned for the average user. Plus, the 1366 x 768 resolution makes movies, pictures, and games literally spring to life. The addition of a 1.3 megapixel webcam built into the unit makes video chatting a pure dream. The multi-format DVD/CD burner is ample for storing videos and files, and playing just about any media imaginable, with the exception of Blu-Ray. As far as internal storage is concerned the 500GB hard is spacious enough for cavernous amounts of data. The Dell laptop Battery I14R-1140TMR comes equipped with 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM, which keeps the system from bogging down during multi-tasking operations. The system is expandable to 8GB of RAM, and anyone who does a lot of video editing may want to consider that option. The Camcorder Battery computer is run by an Intel Pentium P6100 processor, which features two processing cores and 3MB of cache that supports a speed of 2.0GHz. What that really means is this is a fast computer that makes waiting for files to open obsolete. The laptop battery is a six cell lithium ion that boasts a running time of up to five hours.


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