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PC Restore: A real hope for Microsoft Windows

News on the computer advancement always makes a big blast and same had happened with the feature PC restore. This feature is useful during the system malfunction or failure as the users can roll back their files, registry keys, installed programs, etc., to a previous state when everything on system was working fine. This feature was initially introduced in Windows XP operating system which can be installed on a Windows Server 2003 machine. To define system restore, it is a Microsoft Windows tool which comes in-built with the operating system.

The Windows like XP, Me, Vista, and 7 can perform the restoration feature. It is applied when system faces any sort of installation failure or data corruption. The PC restore function gives the choice of resetting computer to factory settings or working conditions without undergoing reinstallation.

An improved interface is based on Shadow Copy technology which can be observed in Windows Vista and later versions. It provides advantage of block-level changes in files located in any directory on the volume regardless of their location. In the Window XP version, a file filter technology is used which changes certain set of file extensions and copies file before they were overwritten. In this operating system, the users can create new point manually to roll back the PC to an existing working point. Importantly, while creating the points, the system configuration is changed.

The system protection advanced feature which works better on Microsoft Windows 7. It helps the computer to create and save restore points on regular intervals. These points are backed with details of registry settings and system information required by Windows. The old points are deleted according to the space constraint as it is based on a First In First Out or FIFO basis.

PC restoring feature undo system changes without corrupting personal files of the users like emails, documents, messages, bookmark list, videos, pictures, songs, or music. The users should opt for PC restore only after trying comprehensive methods of troubleshooting. The user must be aware of fact that various files and registry entries are changed while performing this feature. In some cases, more files are replaced by the system which is needed for restoration.


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