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Derek Elliott - Keys to have a Healthy Environment in the office

Many people these days are spending more time in their office than at home. Spending huge amounts of time sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen, surrounded by bland cubicle walls and no natural sunlight can negatively impact well-being and work productivity. The good news is that there are a few things one can do in an office environment to make it a little more comfortable, welcoming and benefit your health and the health your company. Generally which does not involve infrastructure changes, large cash outlays, loads of space or management approval processes

There are many different plants that can survive in low natural light or even with no sunlight at all! The success of keeping these plants alive will vary by light level, temperature and level of care, some varieties that people have found to work well in offices with no or low natural light are, Aspidistra, Chamaedorea Erumpens, Dracaena Deremensis, Snake Plant, Parlor Palm etc....

It gives off an alternative type of light can help to change the feel within the office and help move away from a sterile onslaught of white light to something a bit more comfortable and inviting. A desk lamp can also be great for working late and being the last person in the office; save some money by turning off the office-wide lights and just light your desk instead.

It can provide a good way to keep track of your tasks, especially when multiple people are working on the same project. It can also be good for brainstorming ideas or even for drawing pictures if you need a bit of a break from staring at a computer screen. If you get a magnetic whiteboard, you can even liven up the office with interesting magnets and affix documents or pictures to it.

Ask a local emerging artist whose style you like and ask them to do a painting for you. Give them some brief specifications about what you do for work and any size or colour requirements and let their imagination create an original piece for you. This is usually not too expensive and has the added benefit of helping a local artist while getting something inspirational and truly unique to liven up the office.

This could be either an artificial fishbowl or a live fishbowl. If you go for live fishbowl, make sure there is always going to be someone available to care for the fish. Also research what type of fish would be happy in a work environment. It is also good practice to check with your employer that it is OK to have something like this, especially if opting for live fish. Having some sort of life around can help to enhance the happiness levels. Plus it will give you something other than a computer screen to look at on occasion. Staring constantly at a computer screen will be resulted in back and circulation problems and eye strain. Diverting your eyes and moving around on juncture can assist greatly in health, and watching a fish swim for a few minutes while ruminating over the monthly budget can work wonders.

Even the most focused person needs a break at least twice a day. Change of scenery also helps with emotions. One of the best ways to eliminate stress and recharge the body is to go outside for a ten-minute walk. Focus on your surroundings and take deep breaths. This will give you a renewal of energy and will also aid in Vitamin D production. Walk by yourself and focus on clearing your mind. Walking will also cause the blood and the lymphatic system flowing.

Improving the air quality in a building can minimize absenteeism. Even the smallest decrease in absenteeism or staff turnover will completely offset any additional costs that might result from supplying a healthy building rather than an unhealthy one.


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