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Derek Elliott - Performance monitoring - key ways for employee satisfaction

In general, a successful business management requires the on-going monitoring of the performances in order to generate the data to judge the success with the specific strategies. Thus the Improvement in performance can be realistically achieved when the management is properly informed about the current performance. So, the end is important to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) which enables the management to monitor the progress.

Actually, there are three important key areas of activities within a professional firm which are critical , commercial and are used for the professional success with the KPIs. They are,

  • At first try to concentrate on the Views of clients about the range, provision and delivery of the professional service firm's services.
  • Then Measure the related financial performance and also the business development.
  • There are many important views of personnel about the aspects of their relationship with the professional service firm.

A successful professional firm will typically start identifying, agreeing the specific pattern. The KPIs are considering the best to measure them. The Armed desired measures are the next step which are established with a target performance levels with the chosen KPIs using the guides of information from the benchmarking exercises, past performances and experience.

The Measuring performance presents the next hurdle and there are many important temptation to amend the KPIs, to simplify the data collection demands. The Financial measures are almost present in the simplest challenge which are related to the KPIs will be expressed as the quantitative measure. The Quality management information is relevant to the KPIs which are easily available.

The important measures relating to the KPIs are the clients with the firm and there are also many members of the firm's may prove more difficult issues. The Positive performance in these areas are very important in the financial area but many related measures are subjective and cannot easily be expressed in the quantitative terms. A solution can be found in undertaking a market research based approach and surveying the firm's client population and it is really personnel.

The Satisfaction levels are influenced by both the reward packages and the firm's recognition for an individual or team's achievements. So, Commercially the firm needs to draw a line by paying an adequate rewards and being overly generous with the use of benchmarking exercises for some similar firms and salary surveys which can provide some valuable information over these sensitive issues. The Basic issue includes the employee working conditions which are very important. The necessary feedback about the full range issues includes the hours of work, holidays, training opportunities and also the office accommodation and equipment.

Thus Maintaining and developing the skills of the employees are very important to the commercial success of the firm. The Training is more essential but the costs, money absorbs the time but the training must be carefully targeted. So, by increasing the performance we can easily monitor the results.


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