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Why business firms needs services and help desks:

Derek Business: The help desk job will differ depending on the organization and overall systems environment but these are the tasks and activities common to most help desk positions. Also detailed are the key skills and abilities required for successful job performance.

           Further clarifications are handled by help desk people should always willing to find answers to all questions that are addressed. They should be responsible to satisfy customers or else should discover information based on our supported software and computing platforms.

           Problem Tracking, Phone Consulting,Voice mail also consulting, Walk-in Consulting also they should provide on line help desk Help desk analyst Services that are handled by support people tracking the problem and giving suggestion are the main goal.
         In business firms they need to assist all customers with their questions. System information,problems, changes and updates should be relevant to users community. Their activities is to get well knowledge about company and their outsource handled by top level management. Communication level should be gradually increased, coordination between team, interaction across all channels are the motto to increase their ability to help customers.

           Their duties and responsibilities by taking ownership more about complex calls to the relevant IT support team. If the queries from technical terms they can even transfer it to external technical support where problem cannot be resolved.

Before entering into help desk they must be aware of sales and services that they are providing, thus can easily divert their calls to relevant people to handle further.
      Thus they have to play dual role for producing economical growth towards organization.

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