CWT Innovations LAB

Event date 21 May 2019 00:00 – 22 May 2019 00:00

Location Plug & Play Tech Center 440 N Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085

The next in a series of Innovations LAB, hosted by CWT, happens on May 21-22 in Silicon Valley. The two-day event introduces participants to cutting-edge travel technology from the most exciting startups and immerses clients in next-generation innovations that have the potential to deliver maximum efficiency and savings to corporate travel programs. 

Led by CWT's senior director for Open Innovation, Brandon Balcom, along with CWT's technology development leaders, this month's Innovations LAB features the following innovators:

  • Upflex - created around the idea that today’s companies must provide flexibility. It enables companies to make flexibility their competitive advantage by providing the best workspaces and tools to make flexibility programs seamless.
  • Timeshifter® - a revolutionary solution developed with world-renowned scientists based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience. With Timeshifter, you can create your own personalized jet lag plans based on your sleep pattern, chronotype, itinerary, and optional preferences such as pre-travel adjustment or the use of melatonin for even faster adaptation.
  • Globaleur - the first AI travel engine that provides fully personalized travel itineraries that are optimized for variables such as weather, real-time traffic, distance, average visit durations, hours of operation, etc. for every point of interest (POI). Globaleur boasts over a million inventory in flights, hotels, transportation, tours & activities to more than 300 destinations around the world.
  • Shep - connects the world of corporate travel policy with the growing need to give employees greater flexibility to book their own travel. It works as a browser extension on employee hardware to help guide them to sites that will comply with policies, while also giving managers real-time reporting and the ability to track expenses.
  • Sherpa - makes integrations easy for airlines, online travel agencies (OTAs), and other travel providers to notify their customers of travel requirements and guide them through a frictionless application experience as an ancillary service.


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